Lupners History

Our ancestor, John Winthrop Lupner, arrived in America aboard The Mayflower and there have been Lupners defending our freedom ever since. In fact, the patriot sons of J.W. Lupner have played rock 'n roll in every major war, battle, fight, skirmish, fisticuff, brouhaha, set-to, argument and name-calling contest since the earliest days of our nation's history.

Boston Tea Party? Check.
War of 1812? You betcha.
Battle of the Bulge? Roger that.
Sharks v. Jets? Sure thing, Daddy-o.
The food fight in the Faber College dining hall? Check.
The hissy-fit slap fight backstage at the 1979 Miss USA Pageant? Present.
Invasion of Grenada? Yep.
Backstage at American Idol when Nicki Minaj was all like... and Mariah was all like... Oh, yeaaaah. Love a girl fight.

So, it's no surprise that we are America's Band. We invite you to participate in the next chapter of our nation's history. Hire The Lupners to shine the golden light of democracy, truth and rock at your next event.


To book The Lupners for your event, email or call Bill 214.762.0974