book of facesReally, what you ought to do is go to our Facebook page because, frankly, the stuff below?  That s#$* is old.  But, if you dig ancient Lupner history, don't let us stop you.  Any resemblance between younger-looking Lupners and the current bunch of decrepit old men is purely coincidental.

***Ancient History***

Couldn't make the gig? Shame. Not to worry, though, The Lupners have your back. Check out our photo collection.

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11/10/07 - Enchilada's

10/29/07 - Neighborhood Block Party

9/18/07 - Lake Grapevine Party Boat

8/25/07 - Enchilada's

6/2/07 - Rockin' 80's Party

1/27/07 - Enchilada's

* * *

And what would we be without our devoted...



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